digital musing on life Meeting with myself acording Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

Meeting with myself

digital musing on life by Tomas Karkalas

Meeting with myself~ Tomas Karkalas

I took a  picture, and it challenged me to respond. Thus my creativity examined my being here and now.  While musing on life  looked  like an attractive activity, the talking with  oneself urged to awake.


what hides under the words


The flowers wither in my vase, yet I enjoy the picture. Though this image looks sorrowfully now, yet the colors comfort me, because  Google will raise up the page rank of my blog soon…  It is better to smile than complain, isn’t it? Therefore I made the irony my paintbrush, and thus all shadows became my self-portraits.  For example, look there… or there

path to gratefulness

While cooking I cut my finger. The blood is drooping now. Wow, the red from the blue venues colors the  map of anatomy with deep thoughts. The venous look like the rivers across my country – our  path to consciousness sparkles with mysterious colors.

… lots of interjections are in search of their place under the sun. it will be your comments that will give my emotions the shape for we all could sat back in awe towards the beauty of the world that was entrusted to us to inhabit.

power of response

It’s raining today. What can be better than that?! It means the mushroom will appear in the forests for my weekend could be the fruitful indeed. I will pick up the edible boletus and invite all my friends to test the delicious food … and it happened as I thought. Yet the table-talks were not the cheerful: I have reminded the websites of wise sayings. The arresting amount of famous quotes sits us back in awe- inspires and motivates to look around anew… current news rarely sparkle with wisdom. What does it mean? Are we blind and deaf? Why do our wise sayings become buried in our bookshelf?

It was no wonder I have questioned myself, what for do I blog? Does anybody need my musing?

It was hard even to imagine. The hard questions didn’t darken the view under my window, but have done otherwise. I have got the reply:

greendoe said…

Why do people blog? Who listens to the hellos? We do. Nurses do. Because we care , friends or enemies.

We do… Thank you, dear nurse. Your response have returned the taste to the edible boletus. Yours “we do” have freed the soul from the prison of quotation-marks.

the profit of the blogging

There are lots of articles on blogging. Each of us have read not one already, so I see no need to rewrite anything now. In spite of that I am writing about the blogging because it just can’t be enough of ‘Thank you’ to blogging. It’s the breathing in a literal sense of a word. While blogging we are leaving responses to the posts of one other. That’s not talking about the magic of love but love in action due the blogging. Just think. Our response take us ourselves into the joy of life here and now. Our feedback open the window towards the magical sunlight to us – the blogging rescues us from the sense of personal needlessness that indwells the loneliness and thus transforms the mourning into the joyful Hi! dear friend. That’s the real miracle. The prior strangers address one other as fellows. Can you imagine something more beneficial than that?

Life story

It was so easy to click on the button “new post”, so there was no wonder that I did that. The results exceeded all my expectations. I set back in awe towards the beauty of the window that opened before me… I was gazing at a provided space for new post on my blog, and it was so all day long. I was rejoicing over my experience of the application of theory to practice : I was to click on the button for new sheet for writing could appear – I was to put my knowledge into action, and I did that. Time came to click the next button. Its name is “save” …. wow, if I had a chance to repeat my life!…