stocktaking of my deeds

stocktaking of 2008

While my wife was doing the room,  I was talking about how people should live…what more could be done by one, who was diagnosed as the disabled for life? While my wife was doing the room, I just  wished to share the beauty I saw and thus tried to forget my forced empty gazing at a window.

The comprehension of the above  looks  like the real curse.  So to speak,  I was begging for paying my Internet fee.

Dear readers, I was glad to share my artworks with you and thank you for the lovely comments I have received from  you.  That was  the greatest support not to loose self respect. Thank you once again.  However, let me to readdress  these precious feedback to my wife.  She is my caring angel, and we both wish Merry  Christmas! to you now.


hubbub of silence


a stroke of a pen depicts a story : the drawing (the lines) report the belief of an artist (fire the discussions) and thus lead nowhere (inspire the analysis of the technique but not the main goal),  meanwhile abstract color opens the eyes by changing the value judgment into the perception of being alive in a hug with all around.  While the drawings illustrate our being, the abstract color knock on the heart, point to the spiritual realms and urge us to listen.  When I silenced my lips, I was reminded that we are not how we look from outside, but what moves us forward and thus I want to share not my works but the heavenly peace with you.

By the way, the hair of  the paintbrush for watercolor form a  shape of the heart. Isn’t it symbolical?

fortune smile

Hello, does anybody know the name for the text without the content?

As I turn on my computer, the loveliest blog was downloaded on my screen. I enjoyed not only at the wonderful design but the proposal too : I read “Your ad here, right now: $0.02” … Wow, that would be fine, isn’t it? unfortunately, the light immediately died away in my eyes : I hadn’t $0.02 , just the desire to share the gratitude for remaining alive till now was in my wallet. Ooops! The truth above sounds like nonsense. If I haven’t a penny indeed, why do I silently sit at home? It would be logically to take some actions. For example, I could … I could go outside for searching the pavement underfoot. Somebody lost $0.02 for sure, thus I could pick up these money… Wow, I even forgot my disability and all its hardships that were doubled by the need to live without credit card in the modern world. I took my paintbrush and the artist’s palette hide my tears: In the art therapy club for the people with the psychiatric disorders I recognized myself not alone …

All the above was not the fiction. Just look at the map. You will find us for sure.