what’s amidst the trees?

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas ~Klaipeda, Lithuania

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas ~Klaipeda, Lithuania

“no comments”

turns the tree image to the question

what’s amidst the trees?

The words sacrificed their original meaning to grip people‘s attention with the metaphors. The photography watched the changes and did likewise, the common pictures turn to the abstract art and dream about us.

am I out of date?

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

Though I was robbed of my blogspot blogs, yet you still can see my artworks on wordpress. Arthiker didn’t touch bottom. You see my new picture above and might be interested to view the post Wither beautifully. Just click on above.

Am I out-of-date? See the visual aids to morality…  Your feedbacks  dry the tears and enable me to continue to welcome the life. Thank you for viewing my art.

digital musing on life Meeting with myself acording Tomas Karkalas from Klaipeda, Lithuania

Meeting with myself

digital musing on life by Tomas Karkalas

Meeting with myself~ Tomas Karkalas

I took a  picture, and it challenged me to respond. Thus my creativity examined my being here and now.  While musing on life  looked  like an attractive activity, the talking with  oneself urged to awake.

mysterious art porridge

life story

Life experience discovers itself in a fall. The colors of the leaves are talking loudly by transforming into the ugly porridge on a street that doesn’t attract the passersby.  The beauty disguises as the employer to the cleaners who are the feeders of the artists who are proud of signing this mess as the fine arts.

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Short yet deep One

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania

As I was taking the pictures, the wedding party went in my town.  While I examined the objects underfoot, the bridegroom carried his bride over the bridge in his hands.  Now my  photo enables me to relive that anew. The Arts wake up our memories,  and we rejoice over the reading of  the personal experiences in the pictures at a  showroom  ,  yet  even the best paintings fail to substitute the choices we made for a better picks.

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The derelict

photo painting of the derelict, abstract art

THE DERELICT -- 2010 by Tomas Karkalas

Colors always attract us,  allure to follow their stories.  So  I became the eyewitness of the challenging picture  above. The stick underfoot caught my eye, yet what should my reaction be?  Should I enjoy the view, or pick up the derelict to throw it to the dustbin in order the garden could please the eye of each?

While dealing with the eternities the light met the changing morality…

As  I started to paint,  the heart on the easel was my only goal and the main value of the artistic canvas. Unfortunately the modern world understands just market language. Thus my schooling is suitable only to …the mental hospitals.

As I look at the photo I enjoy not my digital painting but the memories that comfort the heart by offering to look at my  zero bank account as a test of my fitness to forthcoming dawn.

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art guide to the entrence to fairyland

photography of my dreams

entrance to fairyland --- Tomas Karkalas 2010

As I take my camera (or the paintbrush), just magical transformation takes place.  What looked as and ordinary landscape puts me into an awe now.  Yet there are no mystery. Each of us know well, space is full with sounds, yet we need the headphones to listen to the cosmos for to see the entrance to fairyland.

what’s at witness-box

snow portraits

witness-box 2010

my pictures help me to locate my place in the daily hustle. The eternal truths interpret my eyesight and thus transform what’s at hand into the trusty road-stick.  That’s the whisper of the air.  Please read the full story here…

storage stories uncover the treasures of the heart

storage stories

storage stories

The sunbeam was my riding horse, so we have experienced a lot: while viewing the puddles, we rejoiced over the reflections of the heaven underfoot. The photo on above belongs to my storage stories. I see them as my teachers (such as: Dont be sad blog , Help Others and many-many more) thus the picture shares  the light. This memory heals (makes the past into the present time that defines tomorrow) transform my complaints for the current hardships into the greetings of my artwork.

landscape of proverbs

landscape of proverbs

landscape of proverbs - digital painting by Tomas Karkalas 2010

The artworks transform the heartache into the wonderment at landscapes of proverbs. The Words of Wisdom enable us to welcome severe tests of our life.

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each
guest has been sent as a guide from beyond”

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what hides under the words


The flowers wither in my vase, yet I enjoy the picture. Though this image looks sorrowfully now, yet the colors comfort me, because  Google will raise up the page rank of my blog soon…  It is better to smile than complain, isn’t it? Therefore I made the irony my paintbrush, and thus all shadows became my self-portraits.  For example, look there… or there