the profit of the blogging

There are lots of articles on blogging. Each of us have read not one already, so I see no need to rewrite anything now. In spite of that I am writing about the blogging because it just can’t be enough of ‘Thank you’ to blogging. It’s the breathing in a literal sense of a word. While blogging we are leaving responses to the posts of one other. That’s not talking about the magic of love but love in action due the blogging. Just think. Our response take us ourselves into the joy of life here and now. Our feedback open the window towards the magical sunlight to us – the blogging rescues us from the sense of personal needlessness that indwells the loneliness and thus transforms the mourning into the joyful Hi! dear friend. That’s the real miracle. The prior strangers address one other as fellows. Can you imagine something more beneficial than that?


One thought on “the profit of the blogging

  1. thank you 🙂

    that was a joke

    I felt what u meant like if it were me who wrote it

    I like poeple who think like that

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