Overview of blogging experience

While reviewing other websites, we earn new visitors to our own blogs, and the stats feed the search engines, but that is not an end in itself. The main virtue is in the transformations that take place inside us. While reviewing other bloggers, we step out of silent musing to the communion with other. The above replaces the sorrow for self with the regard to other, and our heart blossoms with “Hello, my dear”. Thus the blogging pick up our eyes from the dust underfoot to the heavenly beauty, and the “wow!” comes out of itself.

While reviewing other websites, we share what was discovered as the best in other. So we heal as our audience as ourselves. The gratitude revives the faerie and makes us the happy giants.

cry with laughter

We all have the telephone therefore we all are fired with hot discussions regarding World Politics. That should look fine; however, as we all are talking about the peace, the wars don’t stop till now.  What’s wrong? Why the pictures of our consciousness look so warning?

Of course, not all looks so dark. There are lots of cheerful clips and the smiles of the celebrities decorate the walls of our rooms. In other words, is there any need for the thinking why does it become dark at evening?

While Global Peace awakens the dreams , our failures to tie the shoelaces only irritate. Yet that‘s not bad too. The satirists don’t lack the topics of conversation and thus the audience don‘t cease to applaud.

path to gratefulness

While cooking I cut my finger. The blood is drooping now. Wow, the red from the blue venues colors the  map of anatomy with deep thoughts. The venous look like the rivers across my country – our  path to consciousness sparkles with mysterious colors.

… lots of interjections are in search of their place under the sun. it will be your comments that will give my emotions the shape for we all could sat back in awe towards the beauty of the world that was entrusted to us to inhabit.

power of response

It’s raining today. What can be better than that?! It means the mushroom will appear in the forests for my weekend could be the fruitful indeed. I will pick up the edible boletus and invite all my friends to test the delicious food … and it happened as I thought. Yet the table-talks were not the cheerful: I have reminded the websites of wise sayings. The arresting amount of famous quotes sits us back in awe- inspires and motivates to look around anew… current news rarely sparkle with wisdom. What does it mean? Are we blind and deaf? Why do our wise sayings become buried in our bookshelf?

It was no wonder I have questioned myself, what for do I blog? Does anybody need my musing?

It was hard even to imagine. The hard questions didn’t darken the view under my window, but have done otherwise. I have got the reply:

greendoe said…

Why do people blog? Who listens to the hellos? We do. Nurses do. Because we care , friends or enemies.

We do… Thank you, dear nurse. Your response have returned the taste to the edible boletus. Yours “we do” have freed the soul from the prison of quotation-marks.

interpretation of the spirituality

The beauty of the artworks captures our imagination and leads many astray. Not the flowers but their reflections on the canvases guide the viewer’s steps today. Thus many went astray by rejoicing over the freedom from the fairies. They retreated into the tales today, yet were they the winners?

The butterflies still delight us, but are we the children of the light or the slaves of our own reasoning?

pick up

The question “What do I do?” guards me from the boredom of doing nothing by presenting various thoughts. They all decorate the lonely being of the disabled for life, and thus the admiration comes in exchange for the mourning for the personal needlessness- helplessness to change anything in my world of the forced to live on charity.

Does it mean that “what do you do?” is the magic word?

I think all of you will agree that the sound of the abracadabra revives the far forgotten romanticism and fires our hearts with the desire to welcome a stranger. This the hearty “What do you do?” puts a spell on us…just have a look at “Modus Vivendi“. It will have nothing in common with the comprehension of the heavy walls of the hospital for the people with psychiatric disorders. Personally I have felt myself as if on the island of love and care for other in the turbulent ocean of the cruel fights for display for to be

Is the above not strange? I think that metamorphosis is worthy pondering deeper. If we named the abracadabra a key, it means there are the wall and the door. What are they?

By the way, what’s Modus Vivendi? Could you explain the meaning of that word?

so what?

Many things have happened yesterday.  Russia  attacked Georgia and the Olympic games were started … at the same time… What will tomorrow bring to us?

I recalled the teaching “we study the past for to understand  today” and turned on my TV. … Prior peaceful town was in a state of ruin.  Sun was high in a sky, the Russian tanks paraded and  manuscripts were in fire… I looked at  white slingback ( the eloquent remnant  of a woman which didn’t succeed to grasp anything and switch from Panorama to Sports – the faces of sportsmen were happy, but I turned on my TV.   Who needs my musings ?