storage stories uncover the treasures of the heart

storage stories

storage stories

The sunbeam was my riding horse, so we have experienced a lot: while viewing the puddles, we rejoiced over the reflections of the heaven underfoot. The photo on above belongs to my storage stories. I see them as my teachers (such as: Dont be sad blog , Help Others and many-many more) thus the picture shares  the light. This memory heals (makes the past into the present time that defines tomorrow) transform my complaints for the current hardships into the greetings of my artwork.


landscape of proverbs

landscape of proverbs

landscape of proverbs - digital painting by Tomas Karkalas 2010

The artworks transform the heartache into the wonderment at landscapes of proverbs. The Words of Wisdom enable us to welcome severe tests of our life.

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each
guest has been sent as a guide from beyond”

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what hides under the words


The flowers wither in my vase, yet I enjoy the picture. Though this image looks sorrowfully now, yet the colors comfort me, because  Google will raise up the page rank of my blog soon…  It is better to smile than complain, isn’t it? Therefore I made the irony my paintbrush, and thus all shadows became my self-portraits.  For example, look there… or there