mysterious art porridge

life story

Life experience discovers itself in a fall. The colors of the leaves are talking loudly by transforming into the ugly porridge on a street that doesn’t attract the passersby.  The beauty disguises as the employer to the cleaners who are the feeders of the artists who are proud of signing this mess as the fine arts.

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The derelict

photo painting of the derelict, abstract art

THE DERELICT -- 2010 by Tomas Karkalas

Colors always attract us,  allure to follow their stories.  So  I became the eyewitness of the challenging picture  above. The stick underfoot caught my eye, yet what should my reaction be?  Should I enjoy the view, or pick up the derelict to throw it to the dustbin in order the garden could please the eye of each?

While dealing with the eternities the light met the changing morality…

As  I started to paint,  the heart on the easel was my only goal and the main value of the artistic canvas. Unfortunately the modern world understands just market language. Thus my schooling is suitable only to …the mental hospitals.

As I look at the photo I enjoy not my digital painting but the memories that comfort the heart by offering to look at my  zero bank account as a test of my fitness to forthcoming dawn.

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art guide to the entrence to fairyland

photography of my dreams

entrance to fairyland --- Tomas Karkalas 2010

As I take my camera (or the paintbrush), just magical transformation takes place.  What looked as and ordinary landscape puts me into an awe now.  Yet there are no mystery. Each of us know well, space is full with sounds, yet we need the headphones to listen to the cosmos for to see the entrance to fairyland.

storage stories uncover the treasures of the heart

storage stories

storage stories

The sunbeam was my riding horse, so we have experienced a lot: while viewing the puddles, we rejoiced over the reflections of the heaven underfoot. The photo on above belongs to my storage stories. I see them as my teachers (such as: Dont be sad blog , Help Others and many-many more) thus the picture shares  the light. This memory heals (makes the past into the present time that defines tomorrow) transform my complaints for the current hardships into the greetings of my artwork.

what hides under the words


The flowers wither in my vase, yet I enjoy the picture. Though this image looks sorrowfully now, yet the colors comfort me, because  Google will raise up the page rank of my blog soon…  It is better to smile than complain, isn’t it? Therefore I made the irony my paintbrush, and thus all shadows became my self-portraits.  For example, look there… or there

The sign

Tall tree was growing by the house till now. Currently nothing shadows the entrance. See for yourself. Photo talks eloquently.


the pathfinder awakes the desire to open the eyes

the pathfinder awakes the wish to open the eyes

The simple  daily news looks like the poetic narration. That’s the puzzling.  Thus let me explain all the above in more details.  The house I have mentioned earlier was the hospital I stay in.  The shape of the stump of a tree associates with the shape of my Lithuania on a map. Plus the tree symbolizes the life.  I hope this information helped you to see the photo through my eyes.  Personally I sat back in awe. That was not the artistic fantasy but the photography.  The sign.  The second. The street dreamers have the same address. I took the picture  at the same entrance to my new world.  As you see for yourself, the  destination point is already at hand.


The riddle of being

The riddle of being

the riddle of being 2009 by Tomas Karkalas

The photo portrays  my yard , yet this shot is much more than just an autumn pick.  I face this view each time I go out of my room and it  looks like a sign… the riddle of being – the fate. The ability to recognize the mystery in the ordinary steps makes the life the colorful, yet  the explanations   of  my eyesight just illustrates my thoughts, but don’t change anything. Thus the first impression was replaced with the new riddle . Why did humanity so appreciate the  knowledge? What makes her the powerful tool for moving … where?

These questions returned me back to my post Fall Festival.  As I looked around, feast of All Souls Day knocked on my heart once again.