Happy Holiday!

The surface of the water looks the same everywhere. Yet the above don’t mislead a fisherman. He knows where to fish and where it would be just waist of time. The knowledge helps greatly in our life”s journey. Therefore we have so many sites on web which much prefer wise sayings to the latest news from the world. These collections of quotes testify for Love which gives us a lead. Thus we rejoice not only at the quotes in hard covers, but the transcripts in the personal notebooks too.


While browsing through the web, one verse caught my eye. I just can’t not to put it down to my notebook: “…how much the good work they (the social workers) do depends on how much help they could get from people willing to support their work.” Wow, the above is well-spoken indeed, dear Julehya. I just immediately visualized the sages of all ages – trillions of goodwill people had even less than I do. In other words, I have no right to mourn. So my problems were solved – I recalled a saying “we are alive not by bread alone” …. My sorrow for my impotency to buy anything to rapidly forthcoming Christmas were replaced with the hot Thank you, God, for our road don’t ends here and now.

Dear bloggers, let me address you as my dearest brothers in spirit. Happy Holiday!

whispering of wind awakes the longig for the return of the warmth


… the visitors came without welcome and left the art showroom without leaving goodbyethus the reality reminded the public secret “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but didn’t silence the talk of art colors. Just the good characters disguised as abstract painting. The canvases of the fine arts reflect the world until now and comfort all who want to listen to beauty. Are we in a hug? What’s my personal response?

secret of vitality



Our life story fits a description of our beloved quotes. Just listen.

“The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp.”
– John Berry

Thus the images created by Lithuanian artist Tomas Karkalas appeared on a web to welcome you. Thank you for visiting my transformational art .

joi de vivre

Wow! The miracle happened today. The warm feedback was received by me in a second after “Sunset full with dawn” was published. The hearty words of dear amzolt became my reality. So I’m reading the comments that were received by me again and again. Wow, am I a narcissist? What’s the message of my current report?
The examination of my emotions proved once again that the magic of the flowers consists not in a shape of their buttons, but the ability to share the fragrance – in our smelling the flowers. Just think. What does attract us while viewing family albums? Either the fashion of old days, or the memory of being in a hug with our beloved? It’s not the shapes of the then things, but the remembrance of the cheerful chit-chat that washes the current silence from the destructive thoughts and gives to my talk with the walls the beauty of flow of spirits – so joi de vivre radiates in Modus Vivendi due not my design of the blog, but the hope to break through the silence – to free oneself from the killing sense of personal needlessness of people with the disabilities. Your comments prove that’s not a dream. Thank you.

let’s awake

while browsing the web, I am used to leave my comments to what have caught my eye. At times, I even join the discussions and usually don’t lack the words. Yet it’s otherwise now. The post I was to review literally silenced me: changed my reviewing to the self-examination and humbled me. I was reminded of our Lord Jesus Christ and all my musings were forgotten in the blink of an eye.

In short, soon I got the reply and want to reprint it now.

Internet Crusade for Christ. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ i invite you in Internet Crusade for Christ. All you have to do- is to show Christ to the world,promoting http://www.jesusfilm.org/ in the whole internet. By getting involved today, you can make a difference in the lives of people through the message of hope�Jesus, and bring God�s light into the darkness. God is using this film in powerful ways to reach people and build spiritual movements worldwide. And yet, so much of the world remains in spiritual darkness. Billions of people have never had the opportunity to hear God�s message of salvation and say �yes� to Christ. Please help me to share The Light with the all world! ____________________________________________ And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. Mark 16:15-16 .

The Christians know the words above as Christ’s Great Command. Therefore while writing this post, I’m grateful to Internet Crusade for Christ for the help to awake – the reprinting of the message made just the listener the participant.  Welcome to the Jesus Film Project.

key to the cipher was the heart revelation

The society for the people with the disabilities is located just five minutes away from my home. Though the invalid home was near by me, yet the road I had to take was the hardest trip one could imagine. It was raining and the wind tried to rob my umbrella, threaten to crush my shelter. The day looked like the wild night and the rain bulbs over my head were roaring. The square metre of the blacktop underfoot depicted the whole eyesight… in one word, the five minutes of road cost me plenty. It was like a trip on foot over the world. So I was hard to trust my own eyes at what faced me as I opened a door ultimately. Just incredible warmth overload me as I stepped into the room where the artworks of art therapy club Modus Vivendi were exposed. The colors just sat me back in awe – I was left speechless by the artworks of the disabled: I faced not not the paper crafts, but the love. Its tangibility was indisputable fact of the society for the people with disabilities. Now I see my road hardships as the keys that unlock the secret of the magical artworks. You not need to repeat my trip, just click on the link heart revelation and see for yourself. What do you see? Isn’t it ‘wow!’?