personal experience

The sun is shining the same as yesterday today but my emotions differ greatly from the past sightings. Not the sunbeam but psyhic income have awaked me today. There was nothing supernatural in my new being. I just left some comments to what I was reading yesterday.  Though the text wasnt related to me anyhow, but the time for leaving the feadback wasn’t spent in vain. The miracles happen when we choose  not to pass by the well known truth in silence. All our worries transform into the joy of participating in life fiesta at a moment we soundly reply to the colorful banners. We need not the reasoned complaints for current allienation of people, but the healing power of hearty Hi! The Blogging provides lots of opportunities for doing that. The bloggin equips for the daily walk and makes “Hi!” that was just a dream our nitty-grity.

body builder

Two days are still left till solar eclipse, thus I start this blog and name it day-fly. The title should stress the hugest amount of time we have in a second for to change our life and enjoy the sunset. Just think, the beautiful butterfly (the day-fly) lives just one day but bears with himself the incredible beauty and symbolizes the purity that as attracts as inspires and urges us to act accordingly. I hope the title of the blog will help me to follow that wonderful example and not to complain of shortage of time, but to rejoice for being alive.

Do you know how many muscles are involved in production of a smile? I can just to guess and therefore I am eagerly looking forward to your comments. Let the smile become our body-builder.