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Health and wealth come from within, yet the sick are healed in the hospitals. Therefore it’s no wonder to me why the pills became the gods, why many treat the spiritual questions as the secondary matter today. That’s why the side effect came to power. Just look around. How many are rejoicing at smelling the flowers?

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benefits of pain

Path of Peace ~ Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania

I took a bus because it stopped by me, or was that the award for my patience? … in any case, the bus is moving now and I’m looking through the window at the path I was used to go on foot. That’s the truth. The being on the move silenced the questions… This thought gave me a little shiver (the bus stooped – the driver didn’t miss his stop) No motion…no questions – when there are no goals to achieve the play with metaphors too ceases. My travel by bus meant not the refusal to go on foot, but my disability: when other took care for my needs, my bus started moving quicker than I ever could dream about, or run on my foot.

what next?

whats next?

whats next?

People talk what they know well. Thus wise thoughts flourish -goodness should overfill our earth… yet I looked around and encountered just a mess.  What is it? How it was possible if totally all wish just good?

I think my picture above talks too.  May be that’s the answer to our problem. It is necessary to learn to listen prior complaining for nobody hear us.  Just look … here is the answer. Just click on the link above.

discovery of self

"Discovery of self" Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania

"Discovery of self" Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania

What is the difference between Original Art and Modern Art? Is it not only the date of our calendars? … When a sickness obsesses our body, we look for a doctor. It would be good if Art Galleries too could produce something similar to a health service. Unfortunately, an overview of the fine arts typically just increases the mess.

Art history provides not the release, but the confusion. Though various artistic schools declare the same magic of the Beauty, but do that by breaking each other rules for expression. As we enter the museum, we face not the lovely chatter of the ages, but the monologues of the masters… Art critics rejoice not at the humanity, but glorify the genius.

The insights of the famous artists enrich our heritage that puts us in awe. Yet I was impressed the most by the Buddhist attitude towards the mandala. When the last stroke of colorful sand was done (when the artwork was finished), Buddhist artists sacrifice their work to the wind…and the mandala becomes what it was prior to the touch of the artist- God‘s love, the light that enf

olds us all.
The miracles happen when we glorify our Creator with our hearts but not the handworks.

Let me share the haiku that I just have read on a web: “From what we get, we make a living; what we give, however, makes a life”

ordinary miracle

What you see above has a story. Once upon a time (some say it happened 30 years ago), these chairs were written-of and thrown away. They should be forgotten by all at a moment if not the caring eye of the art therapy club Modus Vivendi (hospital for people with the psychiatric disorders, Klaipeda, Lithuania). The chairs were picked up from the garbage and used as the stools for the artists. Thus there was no wonder for some paints were added for the thrown away could serve again. The attitude of mind towards the life revive the withered flowers. Just think. Traditionally, while talking about the hospitals for mentally ill, the dark pictures appear in our minds, yet what you see in the photo above strictly contradicts to such judgment. The chairs are smiling as the people, who too were written-of by their illness once, but revived in art therapy club . Just clink on a link above. The healing of the fine arts starts at a moment we recognize ourselves in other. You are welcomed to Modus Vivendi

blogging rosary

I have heard that words may be the best medicine. That’s so indeed. Plus the health we get such way comes totally for a free. Just think. I hear ” You can” and the smile returns to my eyes…

Wow!… Yet I turned around, and the reality frightened. What does it mean? Does it mean I can’t? I can not impact indeed ,for example, the cost of oil, or electricity, or stop the wars on earth… So what can I?

Words may heal indeed, but they can kill too. Just one is obvious for sure – the silence is the worst we may encounter. In the light of above, any post (even the most sorrowful mourning) becomes the precious melody – serves us as the safety belt in the ocean of life.  I don’t see but firmly trust the shore will be reached one day.