farewell to art by Tomas

Dear readers, your interest in my works enabled me to live the miracle each single day. While earning nothing, I talked about the positive attitude and lived on faith…

Many was arranged, unfortunately nothing was earned in the readies, and thus I have no more strength to continue further.
I dared to mention my hard conditions in some of my posts already, yet all I received was just the compliments for the beauty of my writings… now I apologize for my impotency to continue, my stories wouldn’t please you any more…  I didn’t know how long the WordPress would keep this blog on web. Yet you are free to browse my archives till then.

I would greatly appreciate your support. Please help me by sending your gifts to me, enable me to smile and not to think about my disability.
My correct mailing address is:
Tomas Karkalas,  Liepu 25-31 Klaipeda  LT-92139  Lithuania