mysterious art porridge

life story

Life experience discovers itself in a fall. The colors of the leaves are talking loudly by transforming into the ugly porridge on a street that doesn’t attract the passersby.  The beauty disguises as the employer to the cleaners who are the feeders of the artists who are proud of signing this mess as the fine arts.

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Creative light

photo creative light

It was fine to take photos. Now the time came to look at what was done … Thus I grasped the idea  of responsibility for the smile and understood the cost of the laugh. See  Art Mystery of Hot cold.

eloquent silence

November's sun

eloquent silence

I s that not a miracle? Light still is present in the picture  despite all warning news that knock on the hearts of the inmates of that house. The Eloquent silence of November will get the huge traffic due to and this blog will grow in the result, despite all bad news of our economic. Thus there is no wonder the  shot looks the grievous, if to judge from the outside, yet lets look at the photo I took from the inside of the building…. as you see the Peace supporter didn’t lose the hope.  I too still trust in your generosity and kindness, dear readers.

ordinary miracle

What you see above has a story. Once upon a time (some say it happened 30 years ago), these chairs were written-of and thrown away. They should be forgotten by all at a moment if not the caring eye of the art therapy club Modus Vivendi (hospital for people with the psychiatric disorders, Klaipeda, Lithuania). The chairs were picked up from the garbage and used as the stools for the artists. Thus there was no wonder for some paints were added for the thrown away could serve again. The attitude of mind towards the life revive the withered flowers. Just think. Traditionally, while talking about the hospitals for mentally ill, the dark pictures appear in our minds, yet what you see in the photo above strictly contradicts to such judgment. The chairs are smiling as the people, who too were written-of by their illness once, but revived in art therapy club . Just clink on a link above. The healing of the fine arts starts at a moment we recognize ourselves in other. You are welcomed to Modus Vivendi