am I out of date?

digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

Though I was robbed of my blogspot blogs, yet you still can see my artworks on wordpress. Arthiker didn’t touch bottom. You see my new picture above and might be interested to view the post Wither beautifully. Just click on above.

Am I out-of-date? See the visual aids to morality…  Your feedbacks  dry the tears and enable me to continue to welcome the life. Thank you for viewing my art.


greetings from half-landing


half-landing by Tomas Karkalas

While the tales start with ‘once upon a time..’, this artwork inscribe  today,  depicts the current affairs (illustrates my story on a road to happiness)  So I see this digital painting as the explanatory image of Street Dreamers.  The picture reveals our emotions and comforts (showcase the current mud as the half-landing) and thus my eyes are shining despite neither I nor my friends have nothing to enjoy at a moment. The light dwells in outwardly sorrowful pictures, and so does  my eyes despite my uncertainty  of  either I could continue with my artworks tomorrow (the current expenses became higher my potency to pay for the artistic materials) , therefore … Nevertheless my eyes are shining, because I know well that my current being is only half-landing, but not the destination point.  As a saying goes, money will be of no value in the grave.  As I comprehend that, the truth   enables me to jump over the time – enables me to burn with the want to  send my best wishes to you from the wonderland where the beggars lack nothing and people don’t worry for their earnings, but rejoice over their being and share just the love one with other.  Greetings from half-landing!

street dreamers

street dreamers

street dreamers by Tomas Karkalas

I named this digital painting the street dreamers, yet “its me” was the original idea.  The cars run forward and the oil spotted the asphalt. The blot associated with the face that looked at the passersby. I just couldn’t not to recognize myself in that image. More I looked underfoot, better I saw just incredible depth in earlier just flat and dirty surface.  I caught the silent smile that was wandering in the image and sensed all my destiny brothers here. While being  diagnosed as the sick for life, we needed the daily care, yet  we rarely weep bitter tears, because we trust in God and His Holy Promise to  resurrect us one day.  Thus we are like the silent bearers of God’s love. That way the weeping becomes even hard to imagine because we gratefully knock  on the doors of the realm of the eternal values.  Our competence to talk comes not from us but the Light we see under the window of the hospital for the people with the psychiatric disorders. You may see these pictures on the Modus Vivendi blog. Just click the title above. You will enjoy the artworks of my friends there and thus will have a bit clearer  picture of me and my creativity

warning silence

warning air

listening for self by Tomas Karkalast to Tomas

In response to what is the digital painting we meet with the rich palette of the activities that may be reflected by that form of the art.   As for me, that is a way to breathe. While looking such way, it becomes very easy to define the creativity and  explain all  its results.  The Bible  inspired me to make that picture – I have read :

Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, ‘Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?James 2:15-16 (NIV)

The earlier experienced light (grateful  memory) helps me to continue through the threatening realm of November … lonely optimist wish for recovery pavements story What was your experience? Speak your mind

from my diary, or the navigation by stars

child for life

child for life

The life survey described me as child for life. I should feel myself proud of  such characteristic, yet it’s a bit confusing to see so oneself in the eyes of my own children.  They became grown up – are wise and competent to share their thoughts with the world- meanwhile I continue to ride  on a sunbeam…  Star lecturers talk about mind power and put their audience in awe at just magic visions on the world’s future. I like to muse too…look here.  It’s good indeed NOT to THINK  about oneself as the  jobless disabled who can’t support himself.  The complaints didn’t attract anybody, meanwhile the voiced gratitude  warms the heart of each. Thus I am playing with the metaphors and share my meditation in color with you. Fine arts enables me to stay as the grateful child for life.