greetings from half-landing


half-landing by Tomas Karkalas

While the tales start with ‘once upon a time..’, this artwork inscribe  today,  depicts the current affairs (illustrates my story on a road to happiness)  So I see this digital painting as the explanatory image of Street Dreamers.  The picture reveals our emotions and comforts (showcase the current mud as the half-landing) and thus my eyes are shining despite neither I nor my friends have nothing to enjoy at a moment. The light dwells in outwardly sorrowful pictures, and so does  my eyes despite my uncertainty  of  either I could continue with my artworks tomorrow (the current expenses became higher my potency to pay for the artistic materials) , therefore … Nevertheless my eyes are shining, because I know well that my current being is only half-landing, but not the destination point.  As a saying goes, money will be of no value in the grave.  As I comprehend that, the truth   enables me to jump over the time – enables me to burn with the want to  send my best wishes to you from the wonderland where the beggars lack nothing and people don’t worry for their earnings, but rejoice over their being and share just the love one with other.  Greetings from half-landing!

4 thoughts on “greetings from half-landing

  1. So true in every way sometimes when I have to get up and go to work again after all these years I remember no one stands at a funeral and says I wished they’d worked one more day..huh instead it’s oh there was so much more I wanted to say and so little time that I made to do sad thus re think and enjoy the paintings you have as I did with yours above and remember those you have spent time and mindful thoughts with as that is the prize I’m convinced.. wonderful post…

    Dorothy from grammology

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