The sign

Tall tree was growing by the house till now. Currently nothing shadows the entrance. See for yourself. Photo talks eloquently.


the pathfinder awakes the desire to open the eyes

the pathfinder awakes the wish to open the eyes

The simple  daily news looks like the poetic narration. That’s the puzzling.  Thus let me explain all the above in more details.  The house I have mentioned earlier was the hospital I stay in.  The shape of the stump of a tree associates with the shape of my Lithuania on a map. Plus the tree symbolizes the life.  I hope this information helped you to see the photo through my eyes.  Personally I sat back in awe. That was not the artistic fantasy but the photography.  The sign.  The second. The street dreamers have the same address. I took the picture  at the same entrance to my new world.  As you see for yourself, the  destination point is already at hand.


One thought on “The sign

  1. It is beautiful. I also wonder where the rest of the tree is. Is is scattered all over the place. Has it been made into many things, or has it ended up in someones fireplace for warmth.

    Have a terrific day Tomas. 🙂

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