street dreamers

street dreamers

street dreamers by Tomas Karkalas

I named this digital painting the street dreamers, yet “its me” was the original idea.  The cars run forward and the oil spotted the asphalt. The blot associated with the face that looked at the passersby. I just couldn’t not to recognize myself in that image. More I looked underfoot, better I saw just incredible depth in earlier just flat and dirty surface.  I caught the silent smile that was wandering in the image and sensed all my destiny brothers here. While being  diagnosed as the sick for life, we needed the daily care, yet  we rarely weep bitter tears, because we trust in God and His Holy Promise to  resurrect us one day.  Thus we are like the silent bearers of God’s love. That way the weeping becomes even hard to imagine because we gratefully knock  on the doors of the realm of the eternal values.  Our competence to talk comes not from us but the Light we see under the window of the hospital for the people with the psychiatric disorders. You may see these pictures on the Modus Vivendi blog. Just click the title above. You will enjoy the artworks of my friends there and thus will have a bit clearer  picture of me and my creativity


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