from my diary, or the navigation by stars

child for life

child for life

The life survey described me as child for life. I should feel myself proud of  such characteristic, yet it’s a bit confusing to see so oneself in the eyes of my own children.  They became grown up – are wise and competent to share their thoughts with the world- meanwhile I continue to ride  on a sunbeam…  Star lecturers talk about mind power and put their audience in awe at just magic visions on the world’s future. I like to muse too…look here.  It’s good indeed NOT to THINK  about oneself as the  jobless disabled who can’t support himself.  The complaints didn’t attract anybody, meanwhile the voiced gratitude  warms the heart of each. Thus I am playing with the metaphors and share my meditation in color with you. Fine arts enables me to stay as the grateful child for life.



3 thoughts on “from my diary, or the navigation by stars

  1. You continue to Amaze me, Tomas!

    The “style” of this piece is very different from the others I’ve seen yet the “inner feeling” is the same–I think “riding on a sunbeam” pretty well sums it up…

    Thank you!!

  2. Tomas, what a beautiful and evocative piece of work! I’m truly awed by your work, and also eaten up with curiosity as to how you did this. LOL. Your written message is beautiful as well. I think retaining a sense of childlike wonder throughout life is one of the greatest and most overlooked gifts. Your words remind me of The Little Prince, somehow, one of my all-time favorite books. We are SO much more than the jobless disabled who can’t support ourselves, or any other label anyone cares to paste on, including ourselves. I look forward to seeing more “meditations in color.” Thank you so much…

  3. Whoever you or we are is always Perfection every Single Second. Our Energy has no beginning or ending. Riding a sunbeam sounds like fun to me.

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