fortune smile

Hello, does anybody know the name for the text without the content?

As I turn on my computer, the loveliest blog was downloaded on my screen. I enjoyed not only at the wonderful design but the proposal too : I read “Your ad here, right now: $0.02” … Wow, that would be fine, isn’t it? unfortunately, the light immediately died away in my eyes : I hadn’t $0.02 , just the desire to share the gratitude for remaining alive till now was in my wallet. Ooops! The truth above sounds like nonsense. If I haven’t a penny indeed, why do I silently sit at home? It would be logically to take some actions. For example, I could … I could go outside for searching the pavement underfoot. Somebody lost $0.02 for sure, thus I could pick up these money… Wow, I even forgot my disability and all its hardships that were doubled by the need to live without credit card in the modern world. I took my paintbrush and the artist’s palette hide my tears: In the art therapy club for the people with the psychiatric disorders I recognized myself not alone …

All the above was not the fiction. Just look at the map. You will find us for sure.


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