Happy Holiday!

The surface of the water looks the same everywhere. Yet the above don’t mislead a fisherman. He knows where to fish and where it would be just waist of time. The knowledge helps greatly in our life”s journey. Therefore we have so many sites on web which much prefer wise sayings to the latest news from the world. These collections of quotes testify for Love which gives us a lead. Thus we rejoice not only at the quotes in hard covers, but the transcripts in the personal notebooks too.


While browsing through the web, one verse caught my eye. I just can’t not to put it down to my notebook: “…how much the good work they (the social workers) do depends on how much help they could get from people willing to support their work.” Wow, the above is well-spoken indeed, dear Julehya. I just immediately visualized the sages of all ages – trillions of goodwill people had even less than I do. In other words, I have no right to mourn. So my problems were solved – I recalled a saying “we are alive not by bread alone” …. My sorrow for my impotency to buy anything to rapidly forthcoming Christmas were replaced with the hot Thank you, God, for our road don’t ends here and now.

Dear bloggers, let me address you as my dearest brothers in spirit. Happy Holiday!


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