joi de vivre

Wow! The miracle happened today. The warm feedback was received by me in a second after “Sunset full with dawn” was published. The hearty words of dear amzolt became my reality. So I’m reading the comments that were received by me again and again. Wow, am I a narcissist? What’s the message of my current report?
The examination of my emotions proved once again that the magic of the flowers consists not in a shape of their buttons, but the ability to share the fragrance – in our smelling the flowers. Just think. What does attract us while viewing family albums? Either the fashion of old days, or the memory of being in a hug with our beloved? It’s not the shapes of the then things, but the remembrance of the cheerful chit-chat that washes the current silence from the destructive thoughts and gives to my talk with the walls the beauty of flow of spirits – so joi de vivre radiates in Modus Vivendi due not my design of the blog, but the hope to break through the silence – to free oneself from the killing sense of personal needlessness of people with the disabilities. Your comments prove that’s not a dream. Thank you.


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