key to the cipher was the heart revelation

The society for the people with the disabilities is located just five minutes away from my home. Though the invalid home was near by me, yet the road I had to take was the hardest trip one could imagine. It was raining and the wind tried to rob my umbrella, threaten to crush my shelter. The day looked like the wild night and the rain bulbs over my head were roaring. The square metre of the blacktop underfoot depicted the whole eyesight… in one word, the five minutes of road cost me plenty. It was like a trip on foot over the world. So I was hard to trust my own eyes at what faced me as I opened a door ultimately. Just incredible warmth overload me as I stepped into the room where the artworks of art therapy club Modus Vivendi were exposed. The colors just sat me back in awe – I was left speechless by the artworks of the disabled: I faced not not the paper crafts, but the love. Its tangibility was indisputable fact of the society for the people with disabilities. Now I see my road hardships as the keys that unlock the secret of the magical artworks. You not need to repeat my trip, just click on the link heart revelation and see for yourself. What do you see? Isn’t it ‘wow!’?


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