touch of daily wisdom

Health and wealth come from within, yet the sick are healed in the hospitals. Therefore it’s no wonder to me why the pills became the gods, why many treat the spiritual questions as the secondary matter today. That’s why the side effect came to power. Just look around. How many are rejoicing at smelling the flowers?

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5 thoughts on “touch of daily wisdom

  1. Good post and so very true. Though natural foods and self healing methods are getting more attention now days, I am still amazed at how many people immediately run to the doctor or hospital for self treatable issues. Many blessings

  2. Them’s my sentiments exactly. Well said. Nature has provided us with everything we need and for every disease created, a cure was also created. We only need to see it to find it. If we ever find the balance between science and faith, maybe then we’ll get it.

  3. Some sick people also heal themselves outside hospitals. The important thing is the will to heal. The physical place matters less than how you feel inside and your intentions.

  4. Something we also need to remember is that your subconscious mind is very receptive to suggestions and lets face it in many cases where one visits a doctor they are expecting healing and so when the doctor prescribes a certain medication the patient then goes home believing that they will be healed and in truth the medication has little to do with the healing – I’m not saying it has not effect but the subconscious has by that time accepted the fact that you will be healed and sets to work in healing the body. Your subconscious has great powers and can heal you. The subconscious is powerful but it’s learning to program that part of the mind that is the tricky part.

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