Remembering the Days of my Childhood

This picture accompanied Velvet Mist’s poetry, and they both touched me to the heart. Just listen.

Counting the flowers standing
proudly in their pots…
Outside the kitchen window~
Of the old house I grew up in.

So Velvet Mist starts ‘Remembering the Days of my Childhood‘ … and as the story goes, there is no need to comment on a text – I bow my thanks to the artist for a sip of fresh air that pierced into my heart while reading.

When we go astray in daily living needs, the poets bring us back and teach us to listen to silence again. Wow, the dust underfoot transformed to blooming garden while reading Velvet Mist. I just can’t keep my joy and thus address all of you now. Lets thank Velvet Mist together. She gives us the serenity by pouring her heart to us. That’s the key to to success : it’s not a shout, but hearty invitation to come in a hug. Let’s share that message with all on our road.

I was so inspired by Velvet Mist, that I too made a picture “tales are on  watch” Have a look at my Candleday


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