it is nice hear

“It’s nice hear” claimed the little sheet of paper that was tacked up on a door. Was it possible not to enter inside? No, it wasn’t because I was going here prior reading the advertisement. I have read “It’s nice here” on a door of the art showroom where the exposition of new paintings was to be opened.

In common, people are used to pass by even the hugest banners without notice. The blatant colors don’t impact on them because people became used to see the advertisements on each step and even don’t imagine their town without the promotional shouts of something that is totally needless to them in the concrete. Yet the tiny “It’s nice hear” had totally opposite effect. I looked around and…I forgot where I was going. I took a look at my surroundings and what was silently lying underfoot revived and put me under a charm… I looked around once again. The blatant colors of the banners stopped irritate : I received the vision of people who were making these advertisements for the sake of surviving and thus the unknown posters became my heroes. I was going to see the new paintings, but got much more. I don’t saw the new interpretation of art colors, but faced the ages. Did they knew “it’s nice hear” ?


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