miraculous recipe for success

Today was marked by bad weather. However, my eyes didn’t drag along the pavement, but lifted up my nose and bloomed with the smile. It immediately changed the everything around.   The busy passersby suddenly stopped – stopped to welcome me.  Could you imagine anything alike? I just loudly said good day!


One thought on “miraculous recipe for success

  1. I liked your blog, Miraculous Recipe for Success. We all need to look up from time to time and enjoy the surroundings, but I have found that staring down at the pavement allows me to see other opportunities that others have walked over without noticing. Like noticing a penny that says “In God We Trust,” or a pair of worn shoes that tells me this person could use some light in their life, and I give them a quick smile. Whether we look up or down the opportunities abound. Have a great day. J-me

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