mysterious transformation

While viewing the art show, my eyes were captured by the picture. The painting portrayed a  garbage can but I recognized myself in the artwork. While writing “myself” I had in mind not only myself directly, but the psychic portrait of the whole humanity.

At a store, we get all our goods beautifully wrapped in. However, how many take care for the wrapping? We just  throw away the wrapping paper to the garbage can for to rejoice over the consumption of the purchased food without any delay. At first impression, that looks naturally, but situation drastically changes when God knocks on our heart by the help of our artworks. “What’s that?” sits us back in art show then. The awakened by the beauty thus recognizes oneself gazing not at the garbage can that looks at him from the frames, but what is lying beyond the paints of the picture. The whole our being becomes magically transformed then. Just think, while viewing a still-life,  we see no more the loaf and  its wrapping  for our comfort, but recognize the psychic reality, where our body is just the wrapping paper (the dwelling place for the spirit)

All the above is a key that will help you to  hear  this  DVD . You will have a good time there and I hope to get your feedback soon.

Love and Peace


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